About him

His name is Roman.

He works as event master for over 10 years.


Actual humor, adequacy and punctuality - these qualities were not given to him by fate, so he had to acquire them with experience.


Roman is an actor. English and russian speaker. Roman will be happy to learn your native language three months before the event.




What can Roman do?

- talking with people

- laughing with people 

- crying with people

- singing with people

- relaxing with people

- Roman loves people

You can read about Roman, but it`s better to watch


What kind of Roman do you need:

Wedding Roman

you will be pleasantly surprised

Celebrity Roman

you will dance all night

Super Roman

nobody knows what will happen

Roman can offer unusual ideas to make your event unforgettable. очень любит необычные и смелые идеи. Each event is a short film about people who are not afraid to live, to love, to be outside the rules. To contact Roman use the feedback form: